Age Defying Christie Brinkley, 68, Reveals Her Latest Beauty Obsession: JUV Ceramides, the Internet's Favorite Skin Cream.

The result is peak #JuvEffect

By Laura Turner. 21st June 2024

Christie Brinkley isn't shy to admit that she's misses her regular visits to the dermatologist for skin treatments and Botox injections. But the multi-hyphenate star has a huge network of friends to exchange tips with — and she's been crowdsourcing them for product recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That's how she discovered a beauty tool that she says diminished wrinkles, while blending hyper-pigmented spots and smoothing crepey skin. If it sounds like a magic wand, it's basically the next best thing — JUV Ceramides Skin Cream.

This beauty wonder (which previously went by the name Spencer Barnes LA and touts its clinically-proven "fat burning technology") didn't actually tap Brinkley, 68, as its new ambassador — she tapped them. 

Inspired by the transformation and purity of the lotus flower, this skincare essential renews and rejuvenates skin in just 30 minutes. Use it once a week for a full month and voila — softer, smoother skin with fewer wrinkles and age spots.

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The 68-year-old actress, looks incredible as she parties in plunging dress.

"After reading comments like these, my interest peaked, and I absolutely had to try Juv Ceramides Skin Cream for myself. Here's what I learned before I attempted my own #JuvEffect selfie."

What Is Juv Ceramides?

Juv's All-In-One Skin Cream is intended for home use. Backed by a ton of research, the company worked on this product for three years before sharing it with the public. Basically, it's a powerful skin cream that transforms skin, leaving behind a smooth, radiant complexion.

How Does Juv Ceramides Work?

Let's backtrack to our high school chemistry class for a minute. According to Juv's website, the product delivers patented CO2 OctoLift™ technology that tackles major skincare concerns, providing immediate results. Simply put, Juv Ceramides Skin Cream absorbs impurities and toxins from your skin with a purifying compound. The CO2 OctoLift™ fuses the purifying compound with carbon dioxide from the air, transforming the cream in an advanced moisturizing formula.

This process causes, delivers measured doses of the special anti-aging formula to build collagen and brighten skin, "religiously" during quarantine and put it to the ultimate test. "I got Juv and took it with me when I went down to the Caribbean where usually my skin starts looking like an old pirate by the time I'm coming home," Brinkley says. "Honestly, I never came home so unscathed from all those hours in the salt water and the sun. The soothing botanical extracts nourish your skin while peptides combat the visible signs of aging. After a short time using Juv, you're left with skin that looks and feels better — even after the first use.

She was "so thrilled" she actually called up the Juv CEO herself to see how they can join forces.

Is Juv Ceramides Skin Cream Worth It?

If you can get your hands on some Juv, by all means, do it. It's sold out every month due to its long list of loyal followers, from A-list celebrities to women just like you and me. Seriously, everyone who tries Juv Ceramides loves it, including me.

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I Tried Juv Ceramides Skin Cream and Here's What Happened

I'll be honest, I wasn't fully convinced by all the Juv Ceramides Skin Cream hype. I mean, anyone can claim to love a product for the right price, so who's to say these fans weren't paid shills for the company? Despite my doubts, I went ahead and purchased the skin cream set from this website.

The product isn't cheap, so I broke the total down into four small AfterPay installments, so it didn't drain my checking account.

Is Juv Ceramides worth the price? Absolutely. In fact, I just ordered another set because my first one is almost gone.

Juv Ceramides skin cream, juv.com

I noticed my skin was softer and had less acne after just one use. I couldn't believe it! The second time I tried Juv Ceramides, I saw the fine lines disappear around my eyes. After my third time wearing the silky cream, my entire face was glowing, and not from oil. I looked youthful, healthy and beautiful. I'm excited to see what happens after the fourth time I try Juv Ceramides.

Christie Brinkley, left, and her daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook are seen arriving to the Michael Kors Collection Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week on Sept. 14, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

"I had [wrinkles] in my cleavage line. You don't want the cleavage line to be full of wrinkles! In just a couple of months that I've been using Juv, I think they have completely faded, they're diminished.". This product is too good not to share! It works miracles, and I love that it doesn't contain any skin-harming ingredients. There are no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances, artificial colors or alcohol in Juv Ceramides — just good stuff that detoxifies your skin and firms pores. When it comes to Juv, I just have one regret, I wish I would have tried this powerful product sooner.

Juv Ceramides Skin Cream, juv.com

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21st June 2024
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Absolutely Works

This stuff has helped me so much with my forehead wrinkles. I can’t believe how well it works. So happy I found this!

Anna B.

What a difference!

After one use I saw a difference. After two, other people saw the difference. I had 2 very hard lines in my forehead and they are virtually gone !

I spent $400 for a photo facial in a clinic and didn’t get these results ! Highly recommend !!

Shantanna M.


This works. Enough said. Worth every penny.

Jordan F.

Special Offer

  •  The All-In-One Facial - Set

21st June 2024
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