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If You’ve Tried Everything But Still Cannot Beat the Heat…Here’s A Solution That Works Everywhere You Go and Will Save You Money!

By JEFF WILLIAMS      17th July 2024   HEALTH

"Owning This New Device Is Like Having a Personal AC When You're INDOORS AND OUTDOORS "

It doesn’t matter how hot or cold it is outside or the type of clothes you wear; you always feel hot. Whether you’re at home, walking outside or in the office, you cannot escape the discomfort. When the sweat starts to build up on your forehead and then drips down your face and back, you get embarrassed.

Sound familiar? If you are done carrying a washcloth wherever you go…

There is an Answer. Keep Reading!

You’ve tried everything mentioned on health sites, social networks and even asked your closest friends and family for recommendations. You have:

  • Visited a doctor
  • Switched to a higher-strength deodorant and antiperspirants
  • Wore breathable fabrics
  • Avoided certain foods

And still, you have not found a permanent solution…
You need a device to help you stay cool anywhere, anytime.

Say “Good-Bye, Sweat!” and “Hello, Relief!” in Just 30 Seconds

Finally there is a personal air conditioner so compact you can take it everywhere. With a three-speed controlled fan, the Williston Force Portable AC cools, purifies, and humidifies your air so your personal environment is always at your ideal temperature.

“It’s your own personal AC at your convenience”?

Simply power the cooler fan by connecting to a USB port and use it as a cordless air cooler or as a regular fan. Fill its small tank with water and turn it into a humidifier purifying the air that surrounds you.

Getting cool quickly has never been easier. In just less than a minute you will start experiencing the cooler, more comfortable air all around.

Step 1: Power The Device
Charge the cooler fan using the USB that comes with it. Use it while plugged in or cordless.

Step 2: Pre-soak the Water Curtain
On the front of the device, lift the drawer out to access the water curtain. We recommend soaking it in water so you can start cooling off immediately. When ready, slip it into its basket and place it back in the drawer.

Step 3: Fill Tank with Cold Water

Open the top cover and add up to 300 ml of water. Switch on the cooling effect button to give the air a mist through the water curtain.

Step 4: Enjoy the Fresh, Clean Air

Use the device as a humidifier, purifier or air conditioner!

Forget about those bulky portable air conditioners! Designed to be small enough so you can travel anywhere with it, your personal space fan has enough cooling power to keep you comfortable for hours.

The Williston Force Portable AC
is exactly what the doctor ordered. Like so many others who have tried it, you won’t leave home without it!

It’s 3 gadgets in one! Take advantage of its multiple functions: as a purifier filtering dust particles in the air, as a humidifier misting the air, and as a fan cooling the air.

Once you take it out of the box, the rest is simple! No instruction booklets, manuals, or long boring videos required.

Additionally, the device has all of the following features:

  • Can create a cooling breeze or be switched to a regular fan. Whichever you like.positional air blade, just point to where you're hot.
  • It can act as a humidifier. If you’re suffering from dry air or stuffed sinuses, the Mini Portable AC can make you feel better.
  • Three fan speeds. Set it to your optimum comfort level.
  • Very easy to refill with water when it runs low. Big capacity 300ml tank.
  • Compact and easy to carry. It comes with its own carry handle. Weighs less than 2 pounds unfilled.
  • Low noise. No loud, obnoxious fan noise to disrupt your concentration.
  • Fascinating mood lighting when you want intimacy.
  • Adjustable louvers to direct cool air wherever you want it.
  • BIG rechargeable 200mAh Battery. Safe and high capacity for hours of cooling. Type C charging port. Compatible and easy.
  • Saving Money to Many Households Nationwide.

A Cool Solution For Thousands!

Hear from one of the many satisfied customers:

“I’m George, 55, from London. Although I chose to live in a warm climate, I didn’t choose to be hot all of the time. When I’m at the office, I need paper towels nearby to dab the sweat. When visiting friends, I am ashamed of my constantly wet clothing.

My friend suggested I see a doctor who could possibly do something for my excessive hotness. I didn’t have a medical condition, so he wasn’t of much help. He just suggested wearing cotton clothing and avoid spicy foods.

That’s when I searched for a better option.

I’m lucky I found the Williston Force Portable AC
when I did. I was just about to give up and accept being humiliated all of the time. It’s a lifesaver! Now I take it to the office, to my friend’s house, and when I’m doing errands. I no longer have to run back to my car and put on the AC on full speed. This device cools me down quickly.

If you are also uncomfortably hot, get yourself the Williston Force Portable AC

Frequently Asked Questions about the Williston Force Portable AC

Q: Do I need to soak the curtain?

A: If you want to operate your device as a humidifier, we recommend pre-soaking the water curtain before using.

Q: Do I need batteries?

A: No batteries required! Simply use the USB cable that comes with the device and charge it with your power source.

Q: Should I only use the device with the USB cable plugged in?

A: No! This is a cord-free device and is absolutely portable.

Q: How long will the water last?

A: The built-in water tank will last up to 8 hours.

Q: Can I control the fan speed?

Yes! This device is a three-speed controlled fan blowing cool air at low, medium and high speeds.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Yes! It is absolutely worth it. Buying the Williston Force Portable AC is one of the best decisions you can make if you are living in an area where excessive heat is common.

Once you get your Williston Force Portable AC, you will not have to suffer endlessly through those long hot summer days and nights. You will also not have to invest a large amount of money in central air or a variety of fans.

You can simply buy the Williston Force Portable AC and wear it anywhere you want. Then you can stay cool all day and all night! It truly is a wonderful invention, and it can improve life for millions of people around the world!

Where Can I Buy a Williston Force Portable AC?

Williston Force Portable AC is saving money to people and is selling out FAST and available online only.

For a limited time, take advantage of a special promotion and get Williston Force Portable AC for a special price from the official website.

Save even more when you buy multiple Williston Force Portable AC devices—give the gift of personal AC to someone you care about.

Don’t hesitate! Save Money, Get your Williston Force Portable AC today while supplies last!

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What Others are Saying... (verified buyers)

Jon B. from Seattle, Washington:

My office mates are always cold, but I’m constantly hot. A friend recommended Williston Force Portable AC and I’m eternally grateful. Now I can control the temperature surrounding me at the office and everywhere else!

Felicia R. from Des Moines, IA

Williston Force Portable AC is my saving grace. I no longer carry a towel in my purse. When I’m shopping and get a hot flash, I use my device. Love the portable convenience!

Ruth L. from Milano, Italy:

Wow! The Williston Force Portable AC has everything I need – a fan, humidifier, and purifier. Thank you for allowing me to breathe easier and feel more comfortable.

Stuart S. from Wayne, New Jersey:

I was a mess before Williston Force Portable AC – always sweating in public. With Blaux Portable AC, I cool down in less than a minute!

Melina S. from Argentina, Buenos Aires:

Muy Bueno! I love my Williston Force Portable AC and take it with me to friends’ houses. I no longer have to bring a change of clothing because I sweat so much. It’s unbelievable!

Christin J. from Berlin, Germany:

Using this product really helps me to stay cool and comfortable in the summer. I don’t have central air, so this is the next best thing!

Get Relief From Oppressive Heat With Williston Force Portable AC

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