Taylor Swift – 23 Secrets Revealed! P11

Taylor Swift – 23 Secrets Revealed!

Trending | September 2, 2019

10. To Keep Up Her Healthy Image, Taylor Diets Like Crazy


 Since Taylor has become a megastar, she has become progressively skinnier. Fans and nutritionists alike express alarm on social media about her weight. Is it the pressure of fame? The stress of her schedule?What’s her secret? A gluten-free diet increasingly popular among celebrities may be at least partly responsible. Recently, Swift and her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris were spotted in a gluten-free pizzeria in New York. However, that doesn’t stop her from buying regular pizza for waiting fans! According to The Daily Mail, she reportedly has strict no-gluten policies when she travels. She has also started visiting the New York gym set up by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, who pushes an extreme diet consisting of 500 calories daily and over and hour of exercise each day!

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