Taylor Swift – 23 Secrets Revealed! P09

Taylor Swift – 23 Secrets Revealed!

Trending | September 2, 2019

8. Taylor Has A Best Friend Almost Twice Her Age!


The relationship between Taylor and her gal pal, Law and Order: SVU’s star and producer Mariska Hargitay, has blossomed over the past several years. Taylor has has made large donations to Mariska’s charity, the Joyful Heart Foundation, a leading organization to help change societal responses to and support victims of child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault. Taylor has also had Mariska guest star in her music video, “Bad Blood”.


Mariska praises Taylor to Today, saying “It has been such a treat and a joy and a surprise. She is so lovely and mature and has really inspired me.” And to think, it all started when Swift named her kitten after Mariska’s TV character, Olivia Benson!

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