Taylor Swift – 23 Secrets Revealed! P24

Taylor Swift – 23 Secrets Revealed!

Trending | September 2, 2019

23. She Walked Out On A Record Deal With RCA At 14!


Taylor is so shrewd that she knows a bad deal, even at 14! She walked away from an RCA Record deal at that age because they wanted her to wait until she was 18 to release an album. Taylor tried unsuccessfully to make it on her own. She met Scott Borchetta, an ex-Universal Records exec who was starting his own label. He fell for Taylor’s music! NBC quotes her: “He then explained to me that he wanted to start up his own brand new record label. And that he didn’t have a name for it. He didn’t have a building for it. And he didn’t have a staff for it. But he had a dream, and would I go on board? I went with my gut instinct which– which just said, say yes.” Her 14 year old instinct paid off in ways she couldn’t imagine.

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